About Us

Globera Properties Ltd emerged from a vision, started from scratch by an aspiring Entrepreneur. With patience, perseverance, and persistent commitment to honesty and transparency, the agency has grown. The satisfaction of our clients fuels our passion to do even more, which makes it our driving force. With nearly a decade of experience specializing in property sales and long-term rentals in Mauritius, we bring an in-depth understanding of the Paradise Island's diverse real estate market, offering bespoke solutions tailored to your unique needs and ambitions. We work tirelessly to connect you with the perfect properties, whether it's a place to call home or a strategic investment. We also aim to match property owners with the best tenants or buyers, ensuring that your hard-earned assets are in trusted hands.

We are committed to delivering top-tier service, and comprehensive investment insights, ensuring your journey in Mauritius is both serene and profitable.


CEO Globera Properties Mauritius